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Difference between Jamstack and WordPress

What is the difference between Jamstack and WordPress?

Jamstack is a philosophy of growth. It’s a web project design architecture that emphasizes developer experience while aiming for speed, security, and scalability. Around 2015, Jamstack gained traction as a new approach to build the web, with Jekyll emerging as the first popular static site generator. The term “Jamstack” was…

Advantages of Gatsby for E-commerce Site — Reveation Labs. Learn how useful the Gatsby Framework is for E-commerce site development. And how Gatsby Cloud’s performance, scalability, and security boost your online businesses.

Using Gatsby for E-commerce

You can’t even comprehend how Gatsby can help you fuel your eCommerce application. The way your E-commerce element can be converted into the success mammoth, just by the usage of Gatsby, is beyond your imagination.

What is the story of Gatsby?

Gatsby is an open-source static website generator (SSG) that uses Webpack and GraphQL technology and…

Which Is Better: Headless Commerce or Traditional Commerce?

The consumer is no less than a god these days. Every single business owner desires that their product reach every single customer. In this case scenario, the owners would definitely want to use the best of best services. …

Gridsome: Jamstack framework for modern web development
Gridsome: Jamstack framework


Static web development, which traditionally means playing around with HTML and CSS. We’ll naturally call any website built with HTML and CSS a static website as no form of dynamic action is going on. Here to make this process much easier and faster static site generators are introduced. …

Integrate Netlify CMS In Your Website
Integrate Netlify CMS In Your Website


Netlify CMS is an open-source content management system for your Git workflow that enables you to provide editors with a friendly UI and intuitive workflows. Add Netlify CMS to your site by creating and configuring files, then connecting the CMS to your site through user authentication. …


APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are software programs that give developers access to computing resources and data.

GraphQL is often touted as an alternative to REST APIs. …

The Birth of Reveation Labs

Established on the philosophies of converting your business dreams into reality,our name is a combination of Rêve (French for dream or vision) + ation (Innovation). We consider ourselves a lab where the dreams, ideas and needs of your business are combined with our vision, innovation and tech support. …


1. Basic knowledge about the ELK(Elastic Search, Logstash, Kibana).

2. Familiars with Azure Portal & you must have Azure Account

Elasticsearch is a real-time, distributed storage, search, and analytics engine. …

Streaming SQL Server CDC to Azure Event Hub

In the following article, we will see how to:

  • Install Java
  • Create Azure Event Hub namespace
  • Setup Kafka Connect with Debezium SQL Server Connector
  • Setup SQL Server Management Studio and enable CDC (Change Data Capture) on table
  • Stream Event from SQL Server…

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