How to Launch Your Own Defi Token — A Step-by-Step Guide

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5 min readOct 28, 2022
How to Launch Your Own Defi Token — A Step-by-Step Guide

In digital technology, defi tokens are one of the most sought-after business opportunities. Today, we see various companies trying to enter the world of digital finance to deviate from regulatory and restrictive standards.

Even though cryptocurrency exchanges are one of the best options for entering the crypto business, many entrepreneurs have used this crypto space as a cushion to generate capital for their business through tokenization.

What is a DeFi Token?

We do not mention specific businesses when we talk about Defi tokens and their associated businesses. Rather, it offers various business opportunities such as crowdfunding, exchanges, investments, trading, and voting rights.

Defi-Token is a type of crypto business that is fully decentralized and thus provides a secure route to start any business easily and effectively. Each token has an economic or financial value. They are 100% fungible, and users are free to purchase large amounts of tokens.

Defi tokens benefit users with significant trading discounts and great offers. Each token has specific functions that are different from the others. Some popular DeFi tokens include AAVE, Kyber Network, and others.

The Ideology of a Successful DeFi Token

Reasonable return- Regarding the client’s return to traditional investment choices, bearing the cost of risk capitalization and having to be productive afterward.

Customer Satisfaction — In optimal circumstances, it should be associated with the concentration of investments. For example, Venezuelans are disappointed with public funds because inflation is getting out of control, bank customers are worried that banks will spread sensitive information or pay advances with high fees or high insurance premiums, or are disappointed with the unnecessary organization.

Least Competitive — The decentralized money market is still young. Then there are still specialties that have been abandoned or effectively disabled. Submitting a task in such a specialty is easier as it reduces the cost of presenting programming-type requirements and effort.

Reasonable Effort — Creating a simple DeFi crypto token with money so that many can access it is generally straightforward and humble. Transmit decentralized digital currency transactions, but credit markets or protection management takes time, money, and effort. This is only accessible to companies with huge spending plans and successful management.

How to create a DeFi token?

Creating a DeFi token takes a lot of time, as we need to find utilities, teams, token names, blockchain, initial equipment, and several other factors. The instructions provide a general idea of ​​creating a DeFi token.

  1. Find your purpose: It is important to clarify the purpose of your DeFi token and the problem it is trying to solve. Tokens are designed to solve real-world problems and put organizations and people in the spotlight.
  2. Brainstorm ideas to create a token name, symbol, and logo for your DeFi token. Also, research some projects and complete the overall supply of tokens.
  3. Choose a blockchain: Once you have decided on a name and overall service, choose a good and effective blockchain network. Launching a secure and encrypted DeFi token is essential.
  4. Create a smart contract: This is the beginning of the development process. Proceed to create, deploy, and integrate new smart contracts to automate the process of generating DeFi tokens. Please ensure a valid address to allow smooth transactions between users.
  5. Complete other events: Start by creating a token transfer event and setting a transaction fee for transferring tokens. We recommend setting a minimum cost to use more tokens on each exchange.
  6. Upgrade your DeFi token: It is important to upgrade your token’s features, such as staking and pooling options, migration, liquidity management, escrow development, and secure wallets. List your token on all major exchanges for visibility with global traders.
  7. Start a cold storage facility: This helps users protect their tokens from unauthorized access. Ensure you have updated all the necessary information according to your investment plans and traders.

Specifications for a successful Defi token

It has several parameters, such as:

  1. They are decentralized and unregulated.
  2. Automated and democratic.
  3. Automatically adjust cryptocurrency interest rates based on current market conditions.
  4. They don’t have inspectors or managers to validate transactions.
  5. Everything is stored in her one book, allowing for blockchain-secure operations.
  6. They are highly secure compared to centralized ones because they are stored decentralized, and the information is hard to decipher.

Factors to consider before launching a DeFi platform

  • Effectively address business needs and requirements to find the best ideas.
  • Identify and calculate Defi tokens technical and economic reliability before token creation.
  • Build a solid promotion and distribution ideology to reserve a percentage of tokens for defi token creators and each team and management member who worked on this project.
  • Create a professional and attractive white paper containing all technical and financial aspects, all legal conditions, and benefits that should be offered to investors via Defi tokens or coins.
  • Introduce the best escrow service in the market to help users keep all their funds safe.
  • Actively promote the Tokens on social media and other communication channels to increase demand for the Tokens.
  • Provide more responsive technical and communication support services to manage user requests.
  • Once we start activating and releasing tokens through popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the cryptocurrency market.

Choose the Best Defi Token Development Company

Although the process seems very laid back, you may run into some difficulties due to your possible lack of technology and expertise in Defi token development. Reveation Labs is the world’s leading DeFi token development company. It helps to create company-specific Defi tokens for crypto businesses according to business needs.

For the latest information on the Defi token development process, contact us and get in touch with our development team. They will do their best for the success of the DeFi Token Project.

If you also want to create Defi tokens, contact Reveation Labs, a Defi staking platform development company made up of experienced professionals who can handle such tasks and have them serve their customers very satisfactorily.


The cryptocurrency boom has increased the demand for Defi tokens or coins. This is a good time to start a Defi project as it offers higher returns than traditional financial instruments. After being listed on the market’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange, they are gaining significant business appeal — upside-down observation due to aggressive buying by traders.

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