Gridsome: Jamstack Framework for Modern Web Development

Gridsome: Jamstack framework for modern web development
Gridsome: Jamstack framework


Introduction to Jamstack

Introduction to Gridsome

Architecture of Gridsome

Gridsome Architecture
Gridsome Architecture
Gridsome Architecture

Working of Gridsome

Installation Process

Install Gridsome CLI tool
-Using YARN:yarn global add @gridsome/cli
-Using NPM:npm install --global @gridsome/cli
2. Create a Gridsome project
gridsome create my-gridsome-site to create a new project
cd my-gridsome-site to move into project directory
gridsome develop to start local dev server at http://localhost:8080
Happy coding 🎉🙌
3. Next steps
Create .vue components in the src/pages directory to create page routes.
Use gridsome build to generate static files in a /dist folder

Benefits of Using Gridsome


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