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Difference between Jamstack and WordPress

What is the difference between Jamstack and WordPress?

Jamstack is a philosophy of growth. It’s a web project design architecture that emphasizes developer experience while aiming for speed, security, and scalability. Around 2015, Jamstack gained traction as a new approach to build the web, with Jekyll emerging as the first popular static site generator. The term “Jamstack” was…

Advantages of Gatsby for E-commerce Site — Reveation Labs. Learn how useful the Gatsby Framework is for E-commerce site development. And how Gatsby Cloud’s performance, scalability, and security boost your online businesses.

Using Gatsby for E-commerce

You can’t even comprehend how Gatsby can help you fuel your eCommerce application. The way your E-commerce element can be converted into the success mammoth, just by the usage of Gatsby, is beyond your imagination.

What is the story of Gatsby?

Gatsby is an open-source static website generator (SSG) that uses Webpack and GraphQL technology and…

Integrate Netlify CMS In Your Website
Integrate Netlify CMS In Your Website


Netlify CMS is an open-source content management system for your Git workflow that enables you to provide editors with a friendly UI and intuitive workflows. Add Netlify CMS to your site by creating and configuring files, then connecting the CMS to your site through user authentication. …

The Birth of Reveation Labs

Established on the philosophies of converting your business dreams into reality,our name is a combination of Rêve (French for dream or vision) + ation (Innovation). We consider ourselves a lab where the dreams, ideas and needs of your business are combined with our vision, innovation and tech support. …

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